Overview of human hormones type
Hormones Types an Overview
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The dirty secret behind the whole grain products
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Fat loss,
Fat loss and Muscles Building, Should I Train for More than 60 Minutes?
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Tele coach for Fitness, Bodybuilding Arm Wrestling and Football
Tele coach for Fitness, Bodybuilding Arm Wrestling and Football
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How to create a post?
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Public Health,
Public Health Disciplines, Education, Function and Challenges
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Intestinal Flora Could be Your Best Friend, How to Feed it and Protect it?
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Self Discipline,
Self Discipline is a Problem for Many, Learn How to Discipline Yourself
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Hormones Which Define The Gender of God, women especially blond women are dominating the labour market
Hormones Which Define The Gender of God
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Services We Offer

Astrakos is The First Sport and Health Centre With Public Health Station and Guide Which Provides Online Educational Assistance for Millions Worldwide

Consultation for

a non-emergency situation, when the timing is not critical

Get your right

nutrition plan via video chat with a certified nutritionist

Cover all the

important topics in physical training to reach the ultimate performance

Our Practitioners help with diagnosis and treatment regarding Covid-19

 Clinicians perform symptom assessment by asking detailed questions about the patient’s illness or injury

Is an ideal

option to improve your mental health without physical contact

We provide

consultation and courses regarding sport and health sciences

Many don’t know

which specialist to ask for help, here we can help you through

Sport and Health,

Work from Home

Already several dozen of doctors, teachers, trainers and students work with us.

Sport and Health,

Astrakos Market

Take advantage of our services & digital products, and keep your loved ones healthy.


Meet our practitioners through a phone or video call.

Sport and health

Telemedicine Assistant

Let me analyse your blood pressure or blood sugar level test results and tell what they mean. Let’s discuss health issues.

Physical Telecoaching,

Physical Telecoaching

Improve your strength, symmetry, techniques, tactics, coordination, flexibility, enhance cardiovascular health and more features.

Telenutrition Specialist

Telenutrition Specialist

Nutrition challenges is our priority to prevent malnutrition. Get the latest update about food, diets, and nutritional facts to improve your mental and physical health.

Trusted Advice for a Healthier Life

Sport and health information by certified practitioners, our team are selected to provide you the best service.

We provide high-quality services

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