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Astrakos.com is a sport and health centre which is offering a variety of services, web astrakos.com is Independent and works to provide reliable and comprehensive medical and health information to all reader worldwide, wherever it is and believes in the right of everyone to know and access health information easily. The company looks forward to harnessing this platform and its mechanisms to be a tool that contributes to the healthcare of the whole world according to the best international medical standards. Astrakos’ moto is always to improve the public health sector, change the misconceptions, and show the real side of the health sector. We’re committed to being your source for expert health guidance.

Our Mission

We are seeking to win user’s trust and maintain it through the Publication of evidence-based medical materials from responsible professional institutions. Respect for copyright, intellectual property, professional and ethical work assets. Keeping abreast of the latest scientific developments and updating the published contents continuously to provide the most accurate and updated information. Our health guide tries to meet the global demand to create a healthier world.

Who is Astrakos.com?

Company founded by Alexander Astrakos, 2018. Astrakos.com is a non-profit site created to improve public health in general. Web astrakos.com and its products are managed by a wide range of professional, administrators, editors, programmers, designers, advertising and marketing professionals, and managers under the highest professional and ethical standards to ensure that the quality and content of the content and services are continuously maintained and developed. However, our sport and health care centre are for the preventative health, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of health through the services which we are offering. Our mission is to help people to eat more real food, mostly plants and enjoy a natural lifestyle.


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