a person own car and that is an aspect of health equity, psychology, social science, Am I Socially Excluded, Marginalized, Discriminated or Disadvantaged?

Am I Socially Excluded, Marginalized, Discriminated or Disadvantaged?

How to assess or measure health inequity?

Health inequity has been always ongoing debate. There are many aspects of health inequities. The most influential trigger on health regarding equities is social exclusion, marginalization, discrimination, and disadvantage. The excluded or marginalized groups are groups who have often suffered discrimination and who have been excluded or marginalized from society usually such groups do not have access to health-promoting resources and economically and socially disadvantaged. There are many aspects to measure health inequity. These aspects can be measured by different ways for instance by;

The indicators of wealth


Financial assets



Social acceptance

The size of your social network 

By the educational attainment

Displacement from ancestral lands

By lynching

Denial of voting



Discriminatory practices in housing

Bank lending

By criminal justice

By the representation in high executive, political, and professional positions

Documented historical evidence of discrimination or slavery

social isolation
Social Isolation



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