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The best prevention guide to avoiding the new epidemic Coronavirus is through eating foods and taking vitamins that support the immune system. Eating leafy vegetables and fruits which provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals. Such as citrus fruits, and berries. Even you should take 30 milligrams of zinc daily, 200 milligrams of vitamin C twice daily, and 250 milligrams of beta-glucan daily, 2000 IU of vitamin D3.


We believe that the safest way to contain the outbreak or get rid of the virus is to stay at home with an open window. Also, avoid contact with others, especially with infected people. Avoid shaking hands. Buy your basic needs, which are sufficient for more than two weeks. Cook your food to a high degree and don’t eat raw food such as vegetables and fruits. Don’t use the refrigerator or don’t eat cold food. Wash your dishes well at high temperatures. Don’t mix with others. Don’t travel on buses, or trains and don’t sit in a public area or crawdad room. Wash hands frequently, with alcohol or soap. 


We also advise that a lack of personal hygiene is a major contributor to infection. Don’t eat at restaurants. Don’t touch your eyes, mouth, or nose before you wash your hands. Don’t be close to others. If you are ill, see a doctor sooner rather than later. Cough on your elbow, not your hands. So you do not spread germs. Get the influenza vaccine to avoid confusion with seasonal influenza and COVID-19 virus infection.

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