Sport Medicine

Sport Medicine

Tele coach for Fitness, Bodybuilding Arm Wrestling and Football

Tele coach for Fitness, Bodybuilding Arm Wrestling and Football

Why you need tele coach? Tele coach term now is dominating the fitness industry for example, many of Mr Olympia are be coached by coaches from different countries through online video consultation. Therefore the tele coach is trending. Now after Corona covid 19 era we can just say goodbye to “fitness coach near me” and …

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Doping in Bodybuilding and Fitness Competitions

Doping in Bodybuilding and Fitness competitions

Doping is defined by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as the use of a substance or method that is dangerous for the athlete’s health and/or improves the athlete’s performance. Many federations prohibit doping, but most federations are not serious about doping control, because they want to attract athletes and to raise the quality of their …

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Diseases and injuries at the Gyms

Diseases and injuries in the sports industry are a crucial issue that affects performance in general. Many practitioners suffer from diseases and injuries due to lack of proper instructions or bad environment in the gym such as cleanliness or bad ventilation. Administration in the gym must always take this into consideration by identifying the risks to prevent the occurrence of injuries and diseases of athletes. In gyms there are free weights stations, aerobic training machines and jumping stations. Such a gym must not forget Instructions, technique, proper execution and saving resources, as well as the cleanliness and ventilation of the gym are crucial factors for preventing infections and diseases. Administration in the gym must always take this into account. Here are some examples of injuries and diseases that may affect practitioners and how to take security measures: Adequate space to prevent injury, for example, exercise with free weights requires a certain area to be carried out and especially when it comes to exercises like jerk lift and squat. Always make sure that there is enough space to carry out the exercise safely without coming into contact with objects or other visitors.

Ligament Injuries

According to a study 20-25% of all sports-related injuries are on the ligament on the outside of the ankle. The injury mechanism often occurs when the foot is inverted and in the plantar flexion position. This can happen, for example, when athletes jump or make roller jump. The damage can be avoided by fixing a special place for jumping with an applied surface. In addition, there must always be a “gym box” containing, for example, elastic bandages and patches,

Resistance Training for Children, Strong 6 year old Girl at Competition

Resistance Training for Children

Most people are driven by misconceptions and myths about paediatric resistance training. Some of the myth are: Children are more susceptible to injury due to the unfused growth plates. Resistance training would be harmful to the developing skeleton. Children cannot gain strength from resistance training due to a lack of testosterone. Weights training will stunt …

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