Online Personal Trainer for weightlifting and power lifting for competition and wellness purposes. At the first session, we will identify your goals and your condition, then you will get a training and nutrition programs in order to hit your goals. The programs are including in the sessions’ packet. Then in the second session, we will discuss the programs and we will answer your questions. Then in the other sessions we will follow your goals and control your performance, in order to put new goals and programs for you. Strength training has many different phases and you should have a personal trainer during all these phases to specify your condition and programs, in order to get the ultimate performance, injury free for short and long term.

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Heavy Biceps curls by Astrakos

Heavy Biceps Curls

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  • Improved Total-Body Strength
  • Learn Technique and Tactic
  • Learn Flexibility
  • Learn Coordination
  • Enhanced Cardiovascular Health


  • 3-days session
    $ 170
  • 6-days session
  • 9-days session
    $ 480
  • 12-days session
    $ 640