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Virus! The ghost of the virus, “Corona”, still scares the world. While social media sites in turn transmit video clips that monitor the latest developments of this virus, especially in China.

What is new today is that a video clip spread on Twitter shows a very long human column in front of pharmacies waiting for the turn. In order to buy “masks”.

While Beijing, Thursday, announced that the number of coronavirus victims has risen to 169, with more than 1,000 new infections recorded. Dean of Beijing Ditan Hospital: More than 90% of confirmed cases in Beijing are mild. According to the Beijing Railway Administration, at present, at all railway stations in Beijing, passengers must take their body temperature when they leave the station. Only people whose temperature does not exceed 37.3 degrees Celsius can pass. Also, the region of Hube, added that 1,032 other cases of coronavirus were detected. That bringing the number of cases in the region to 4,586.


The best prevention strategy to prevent the infection of the deadly Coronavirus is to stay at home, and don’t travel in buses, airplanes, or trains, and don’t sit in a public area or crawdad room. Wash hands frequently, with alcohol or soap. We also advise that a lack of personal hygiene is a major contributor to infection don’t eat at restaurants, wash your food, and cook it at a high degree. so if infected people were touching it, then the virus maybe die in the high temperature. Don’t touch your eyes or nose before you wash your hands. Don’t be close to others.


Health, Health Guide, Physiology Topics, Corona Virus Symptoms, and How it Works

What is Corona virus

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