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Covid-19 an “enemy of mankind.” has turned into a global pandemic. Scientists are trying to understand the secret of corona’s rapid spread. Scientists from the USA discovered in a new study that the new Coronavirus could stay stuck in the air for three hours, and be able to cause infection. While another study conducted by Chinese researchers revealed that people who carry blood type (A) may be more vulnerable to infection with the Coronavirus. While A while the risk is lower for individuals with blood type O. It has been known that the high prevalence of blood type A and B exist in Asia. That could be why Covid-19 can be virulent there.


 Coronavirus victims in Italy on life support

The American study stated that the new Coronavirus has a tendency to remains alive and suspended in spray droplets in the atmosphere for three hours. The study was conducted by scientists from the National Institute of Health and Infectious Diseases of the American National Institute of Health, and the University of California, Los Angeles and Princeton, and published in the online journal “New England Journal of Medicine” on Tuesday. 


The American researchers found that the virus can survive and infectiously in mist flying in the air for several hours and on surfaces for several days. The study revealed that the virus, which is carried by the flying mist from coughing or sneezing, remains able to survive or infect people through the air for at least three hours. While on plastic and stainless steel, the new virus remained for more than three days. The virus could not survive for more than a day when it settled on paperboard, and on copper, the virus remained for four hours before its effect ended.


Chinese researchers found that the risk of contracting COVID-19 is significantly higher for people with blood type (A). A Meta-analysis of the pooled data showed that among the COVID-19 patients, the proportion of blood group A was significantly higher while the proportion of blood group O was significantly lower. This finding has made the researchers infer that blood type A is more vulnerable to COVID-19.


This article was published from the beginning of the coronavirus spread 

Health, Health Guide, Physiology topics, Corona Virus May Kill 65 Million People

Corona Virus May Kill 65 Million People

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