Health, Health Guide, Physiology Topics, Cronavirus Covid-19 Questions and Answers

Can the sun kill the Coronavirus?

Yes. The sun can kill the virus in less than 5 minutes, especially over 30 degrees, but it will continue as long as it is moving from body to body. That’s why containing the virus is the most important. 

Health, Health Guide, Physiology Topics, Cronavirus Covid-19 Questions and Answers


Can cold and snow kill the Coronavirus?

The answer is no cold and snow cannot kill the emerging corona virus. The virus spreads more in the cold environment.


Does physical activity boost immunity?

Yes, in order to boost immunity you should boost your physical fitness. White blood cells can be completely dormant. Therefore, exercise enhances their movements by increasing blood flow, so that it can perform monitoring, research and destruction tasks in other parts of the body.



Can the new Corona virus be transmitted by things like coins and banknotes?

Coronavirus can be transmitted by things like touching coins and material or after meeting a contaminated surface.


Can the Coronavirus spread by air over long distances?

Corona viruses are viruses that do not spread through the air over long distances. So the answer is NO.  Corona virus is a respiratory virus that is transmitted mainly through droplets secreted by an infected person during coughing or sneezing, or through saliva droplets or nasal secretions. Because of their weight, these droplets cannot be transported with air.


How can I clean my hands? 

To protect yourself from the new virus, you should always clean your hands by rubbing them with an alcohol disinfectant or washing them with soap and water. After cleaning the hands, they should be thoroughly dried.


Do anti-pneumonia vaccines protect against the emerging corona virus?

Anti-pneumonia vaccines, such as the pneumococcal vaccine and Haemophilus influenza type B vaccine, do not provide protection against the emerging coronavirus. When the virus is completely new and different, it needs its own vaccine.


Does eating garlic help prevent infection with the emerging coronavirus?

No. Garlic is healthy food, and it has some antimicrobial properties. However, there is no evidence from the current outbreak to prove that eating garlic prevents infection with the emerging coronavirus.


How I kill Coronavirus “Covid-19”?

There are some chemical disinfectants that kill the Corona virus on surfaces. Antiseptics include bleaches, chlorine and other solvents, ethanol at a concentration of 75%, peroxyacetic acid and chloroform.


Can someone who has recovered from a coronavirus episode be infected again?

Yes. It turns out that some of those who were previously infected with the emerging virus “Covid-19” and recovered from it, have contracted it again after their recovery.


What gender does the Corona virus pose?

Corona virus is more dangerous for men than women, and specialists believe that the low death rate among women is mainly due to the strength of the female’s immune system, and they emphasized that women are able to fight the virus.


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