Ligament Injuries

Diseases and injuries in the sports industry are a crucial issue that affects performance in general. Many practitioners suffer from diseases and injuries due to lack of proper instructions or the bad environment in the gym such as cleanliness or bad ventilation. Administration in the gym must always consider this by identifying the risks to prevent the occurrence of injuries and diseases of athletes.


In gyms, there are free weights stations, aerobic training machines, and jumping stations. Such a gym must not forget Instructions, technique, proper execution, and saving resources, as well as the cleanliness and ventilation of the gym, are crucial factors for preventing infections and diseases. Administration in the gym must always take this into account. Here are some examples of injuries and diseases that may affect practitioners and how to take security measures: Adequate space to prevent injury, for example, exercise with free weights requires a certain area to be carried out and especially when it comes to exercises like jerk lift and squat. Always make sure that there is enough space to carry out the exercise safely without coming into contact with objects or other visitors.


Ligament Injuries

According to a study, 20-25% of all sports-related injuries are on the ligament on the outside of the ankle. The injury mechanism often occurs when the foot is inverted and in the plantar flexion position. This can happen, for example, when athletes jump or make roller jump. The damage can be avoided by fixing a special place for jumping with an applied surface. Besides, there must always be a “gym box” containing, for example, elastic bandages and patches.


Fraction on the radius-lower beam end

Usually, fractures on the Radius lower beam end happen with a ballplayer or when athletes try to make a jump where he or she is landing in a wrong position. The injury mechanism occurs when the arm is extended and may occur before the growth zone is fused. In case it can cause pain and swelling, as well as the lower part of the radius, can angle backward. Weightlifters usually try to jump high to get explosives in the legs and often fall and end up in a wrong position where the arm is extended. Therefore, it is important to fix a special place for jumping with an applied surface to avoid the damage.

Fraction on the radius-lower beam end

Fraction on the radius-lower beam end

Cramp injury (spasms)

Cramp is a painful, involuntary muscle contraction typically caused by fatigue or strain, usually happen due to deficiencies of oxygen, salt or fluid in the skeletal muscle, even cooling, disease and poisoning or toxin can cause muscle spasms. Cramps occur most in the legs and the calves as well as the stomach muscles.


Seizures may happen due to overstrain the muscles and stress. It can be treated by directly stretching the affected muscles and then absorbing minerals such as magnesium and salt. Massage can also help. In the gym Cramp often occurs with great physical exertion. when athletes try to do set up exercise then gastrointestinal cramps may occur and, in this case, stretching should be applied. Put in your mind that in the case of uncontrolled stretching, cramps may occur in the muscles. It’s important with the instruction board that shows the right stretching exercises or through inspiration during group training, their members can be inspired about the exercises and how to perform them.


Infections and Diseases

Infections are caused by viruses or bacteria, for example, colds are caused by a virus. In addition, there are many different types of viruses that can affect different parts of the body, for example when bacteria take over the body it causes complications such as myocardial infarction, Myocarditis, inflammation of the pericardium, or cardiac inflammation, thus reducing the performance of the athletes. Myocarditis can cause sudden death at the gym because it “relates to the fact that when the infection is located in an organ that is heavily stressed during exercise, especially during endurance training then can cause failure to the organ.


Everybody at the gym is at risk to get infected, because of different causes, but one of them is because viruses and bacteria live in moisture, for example, sweat can stand on machines and tools and bacteria benefit there. They can be transmitted to others through physical contact with the machines and make infections, but cleaning can reduce the risk of these diseases. Skin infections are also common, that’s why Astrakos doesn’t recommend to train with uncovered skin. Even viruses can be transmitted through the air that’s why it is important to have good ventilation at the gym. Instructions for cleaning with the detergent should be highlighted.


Everybody after using the machine must always mop the machines. The carpets are as dirty as the floor. bacteria from the bare feet, sweaty bodies, and dirty clothes easily end up on the floors and exercise mats, the rugs must be washed frequently, showers and changing rooms must be cleaned frequently because foot warts and warts can thrive and spread between different feet. Sometimes, during physical activities sudden death occurs with underlying heart disease and malignant fainting. Vascular cramp /effort (effort angina) is provoked by physical or mental exertion.


Abuse with anabolic substances sometimes causes cardiomyopathy, which thickens the heart walls, which makes the heart weaker through the limited area for the heart to contract. There is less opportunity to pump blood through the body and maintain a normal electrical rhythm. This can lead to heart failure during physical activity, so it is important to have a heart start in the gym and instructions on how it is used.

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