Egg Nutritional values

Most people believe that high consumption of eggs could be dangerous and the egg yolk could cause cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Recently a new observational study conducted in Canada investigated the relation between egg consumption and dietary cholesterol as well as the risk for cardiovascular diseases.

The study suggests that the consumption of 6 to 12 eggs per week, have no effect on CVD risk factors and the consumption of 6 to 12 eggs per week had no impact on plasma concentrations of total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein-cholesterol or triglycerides. Richard et al. continue that the recommendation is not only for healthy individuals but also for individuals who are at risk for developing diabetes or with type 2 diabetes, because the study population who included were diabetic vs. insulin resistant and individuals with metabolic syndrome. From our perspective on we don’t recommend six yolks of eggs per week for people who live on Dialysis or who suffer from chronic kidney disease, because egg yolk is a concentrated source of both phosphorus and choline, so both of which may have potentially harmful effects in chronic kidney disease.


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