Football Juggling

In the last decades, many researchers used analytical techniques and advanced measurement systems to understand the kicking skill and the factors that can influence its performance. There are many aspects that can influence the football juggling such as properties of the shoe, the upper body, the placement of the support foot, support leg and pelvis on the kicking action, ball impact, the influences of footwear on foot, the way a player approaches, reaction forces, flexion/extension joint moments and the flight characteristics of the ball.

According to a study, the use of soccer footwear reduces the impact of pain compared with unshod kicking, also reduces ball velocity by up to 1.5%. Moreover, football players can kick faster without shoes and the shoe upper material friction can reduce ball velocity by up to 1.2%. elsewhere another study shows that shoe weight does not affect ball velocity. While an increase of weight has been shown to reduce foot velocity and the lighter one may be beneficial.



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