Fat loss and Muscles Building, Should I Train for More than 60 Minutes?

Should I train for more than 60 minutes?

The answer yes! as long as you still have glycogen in your muscles and liver.

When does the glycogen finish?

Glycogen stores depend on the muscles amount and liver size.

How can I lose fat without breaking down my muscles?

Before thinking of losing fat remember that there is 2500 kcal of energy that are in form of glycogen stored in your muscles and liver, must be your save zone. The kcal will be burned but during this process, you also will lose fat. the fat stored inside muscle fibres and in fat cells can supply at least 70,000 to 75,000 kcal, even in a lean adult. The optimal plan to target fat is to consume the energy from fat before losing the 2500 kcal from glycogen therefore, you must make sure that you will use the highest amount of kcal from the fat before the end of the 2500 kcal from glycogen. Losing fat depends on the way that you are training. Be smart because after the loss of the 2500 kcal then you will break down the zone and then we will talk about muscles break down.

If you need to keep your muscles do not overdo what you are doing at the same workout shout. You can train until you lose the glycogen. Recently we heard a lot of people say do not train more than 60 minutes at the gym because stress hormones such as cortisone will start, and it will break down your muscles but that is not the real and scientific reason. The real reason has to do with energy production systems. IF you need a plan to burn fat without breaking down your muscles check our coaches and doctors on Astrakos market

Although many chemical compounds (such as triglycerides, phospholipids, and cholesterol) are classified as fats, only triglycerides are major energy sources. Triglycerides are stored in fat cells and between and within skeletal muscle fibres. To be used for energy, a triglyceride must be broken down into its basic units: one molecule of glycerol and three FFA molecules. This process is called lipolysis and is controlled by enzymes known as lipases. Free fatty acids are the primary energy source for fat metabolism. Once liberated from glycerol, FFAs can enter the blood and be transported throughout the body, entering muscle fibres by either simple diffusion or transporter-mediated (facilitated) diffusion. Their rate of entry into the muscle fibres depends on the concentration gradient. Increasing the concentration of FFAs in the blood increases the rate of their transport into muscle fibres.

As a result, to speed up the fat-burning process you need to have good cardiovascular capacity, you must include aerobic to target fat, include High-intensity interval training like sprint Interval Training or Stair Running or Burpees or front Squat or frog exercise. Remember these exercises are good to increase the number of mitochondria in the muscles because these mitochondria are the fat-burning machines in another word the factories that use oxygen to burn fat.

Besides, you need to have good blood circulation and that can be down by sport and controlling the diet. Do not be afraid of sugar. Ok? Sugar is a brain fuel, and it is important for muscles. Eating sugar during or after the workout will refresh your muscles and load them with energy. Also, there is no problem to eat high fibre carbohydrates if you want during the day.

The last miss consumption says that you burn fat only in the kitchen, not at the gym, this is wrong we can burn fat at the gym, but we need to control the diet in the kitchen. Check our coaches here if you need any help

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