Hormones Which Define The Gender of God, women especially blond women are dominating the labour market

Hormones Which Define The Gender of God

Some people will acknowledge that for most countries and history, women were either the property of men or at best, second-class citizens, while men had power and dominance. Men’s dominance solidified in Gods and prophets, throughout all the epochs, but the question is why and what does make the men more powerful mentally and physically? Is that for real? Biologically men and women are dominated by hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen. The variance between these hormones varies depending on the environment, activities, culture, and nutrition.

Studies have shown that sunbathing boosts testosterone while cold reduce the production of testosterone and make the estrogen dominating the body due to the deficiency of vitamin D3 and defensive mechanism. Usually, women don’t need high testosterone. That is why women can function better than men in a cold environment if the circumstances existed. However, that can be explained by the nordic family Goddess such as Eir which means Goddess of healing and mercy. Elle which was the crone Goddess who, despite the appearance of an old woman, defeated Thor in a wrestling match. Freya also was one of the main players in the Nordic Goddess list. Freya was the Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination, and magic.

Respective to Arab and Indian cultures, the God solidified in Allah, Jesus, and Boda which were males, that can be also explained by science. The hormones are behind that and the hormones who define the gender of God. For instance, when testosterone is dominating, then a God must be a male, while when estrogen is dominating then a God must be a female, as it was in the nordic countries where the weather is always cold and estrogen is dominating. Today, in the modern time where the testosterone is dominating we can see that the women still struggling to get their right while, where the estrogen is dominating the women passed over the men and the men’s role don’t exist at all.

For instance, in Sweden, you can see that the men’s role is not existing. That is because women are not depending on men anymore. That is because women took over the labour market. That could explain why the divorce rate in Sweden is high. Nowadays, in nordic counties such as Sweden, you can see a girl is walking with a dog instead of a boyfriend. If you talk to a Swedish man he easily tells you that for a girl the dog is first and the boyfriend last. It is more often to see a girl who carries a dog while a boy carries a cat. Welcome to the kingdom of women.

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