Mental Health among Children and Screening Strategy

Mental Health among Children and Screening Strategy

How to identify whether the child has a mental health concern

Mental health screening is a very common preventive strategy in child public health. There are many aspects of a child’s health problems that make them suitable for a screening strategy before they develop any trauma later in life. For instance, bullying and social acceptance can be a child’s health problem and can be screened to assess psychological well-being. Children can experience social withdrawal, anxiety, and depression as a result of bullying. Also, such as early childhood caries is a child health problem that fits this description and can be screened to assess physical well-being.

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A prevention lecture for oral disease


Mental Health Among Children

Moreover, the lack of vocabulary or developmental ability to explain their concerns. As well as the child’s oral hygiene can affect social acceptance. Even social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder and Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These can be easily screened. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) appears in early childhood and it affects a child’s ability to communicate and interact with others. Also, attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) were usually the children show hyperactivity and impulsive behavior and often have difficulty paying attention. There is also Schizophrenia, this is a chronic mental illness that causes a child to lose touch with reality.

Mental Health and Socioeconomic Status 

Mental health can be also assessed by: socioeconomic status, family characteristics, maternal level of education, family social class and characteristics, health variables, limitation of activities and so on.

Family Responsibility for Child Health

The responsibility first rests with the family to identify these signs. If you doubt that your child is carrying or developing some of these signs, then you should take direct consideration and try to access the health care center. Here you can read these articles that may help more.


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