Overview about Arm-wrestling

Overview about Arm-Wrestling

Arm-wrestling is a challenge for two people and it requires strength, technic, swiftness, a quick reaction, and tactics for mastering the sport. The sport requires static strength, for locking the arm in position and later pulling the opponent’s arm down. The origins of the sport start way before Christ and proof could be found in historical empires such as the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman empire. The proof comes in the shape of paintings and writings. The sport was used to measure the strength and showing off a person’s ego (Confederação Brasileira de Luta de Braço, 2017).


Nowadays arm-wrestling competitions are much more planned and organized such as the world arm-wrestling federation (WAF) who decides the standard and rules within arm-wrestling and the world arm-wrestling League (WAL) is a tournament for professional arm wrestlers having emerged from Canada. To participate in WAL, the competitor must have come to the age of 18 years old and the rules do not defer to the amateur’s class or professional athletes. The first general rule in arm wrestling is that the participants have 60 seconds to approach the wrestling table. The second rule is that the participants are not allowed to wear anything covering the arm (wrists and elbows). The third rule is that if the participants consume any alcohol or drugs, they’ll be disqualified. If anyone violates the rules above they’ll be disqualified (World Armwrestling League, 2017).


According to the team classification published by WAF: Russia, is the world leader in arm-wrestling followed by Kazakstan, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, and Sweden with the rank of number six. Russia has won 35 gold, 28 silvers, and 26 bronze medals and compared to Sweden that has six gold, 11 silvers, and two bronzes medal (World Armwrestling Federation, 2017). Even though Sweden is in the top ten countries within the arm wrestling community, professional athletes cannot manage to make a living out of the sport and even they have to pay traveling, hotels, and competition fees themselves (Dalarnas Tidningar, 2010). 




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