Public Health, "a Chain symbolizes communities as a one nation" Public Health Disciplines, Education, Function and Challenges

Public Health Disciplines, Education, Function and Challenges

Public health (PH) function is to deal with the major PH challenges for instance,

What are the major public health challenges of the 21st Century?

Chronic disease management

Emerging infectious diseases

Safe water scarcity

Global climate change


Antibiotic resistance


Alcohol and tobacco

Increasing social inequality

Gender inequality

lack of access to medical care

Armed conflicts

Demographic shift

(ageing populations)

What are the public health disciplines?

There are several characteristics of the PH disciplines that may inadvertently influence the development and/or utilization of PH. The list of these disciplines includes epidemiology, behavioural sciences, infectious diseases, immunology, microbiology, physical sciences, nutrition, health education and promotion, occupational health and environmental studies. Most of these disciplines include biology and medicine among others. These are all quite important because they are also responsible for the production of pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Why public health education is important?

Public health education is essential to strengthen PH infrastructure and systems. It is based on the premise that educating the communities, policymakers, and workforce professionals are fundamental to ensuring an effective PH system. The work of public health educators is accomplished through the development and implementation of educational campaigns and programs that are designed to promote healthy environments, habits, and behaviours.

Where do public health educators work?

They may work either as teachers or as behind-the-scenes administrators or program developers as well as in health insurers and private companies.

What is the work of public health educators?

Conducting research.

Assessing individual and community needs.

Managing health education programs.

Managing hospitals 

Evaluating, developing, coordinating, and promoting health education programs and methods.

Utilizing a variety of educational/training methods.

Writing scholarly journals.

Working as PH policymakers

Working on environmental health.

Working on disease prevention.

Working on nutrition and eating issues.

Working on emotional and mental health.

Working on human growth and development.

Working on first aid.

Working on safety and disaster preparedness.

Working on substance abuse prevention.

Working on sexual health.

Working on health and safety

Provide counselling, programs, or education services related to: Nutrition, Physical fitness, Hypertension, Smoking cessation, Stress management, Weight control and Substance abuse prevention as well as helping the companies to meet occupational health, medicine and safety regulations. Consequently, in community organizations and government agencies, PH educators are called upon to identify a community’s needs and mobilize strategies and resources for improving the health status of the community.

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