The correlation between money, education and health

The correlation between money, education, and health according to us are presented in the figure up. Public Health Policy cannot be intelligently conducted without an understanding of the mechanisms of the causes of causes. Most policies claim that high income is related to good health. I just want to say that money without education can kill you especially if you don’t know how to use it. Money brings health through education only. Health could bring both education and money. A high level of education also brings both money and health.


Social gradients have a big impact on socioeconomic status. Mortality and morbidity rates are inversely related to many correlates of socioeconomic status such as income, wealth, occupation education, race, place of residence, and social class. That economic deprivation is the most related to ill health. Poverty has always a big effect on health. Mortality declines with education, wealth, rank, and social status if it’s followed with education or good healthy inspiration. Occupational grades related to ill health and mortality, people who 

work in a dangerous environment has a high risk of ill health. Money is not enough to get good health. That’s why money should be invested in education to bring health. Education trains individuals to acquire, evaluate and use information also, develops the capacity to find out what needs to be done and how to do it, and even could develop the habits and the skills of self-direction.


The best policy prescription for a healthy society is to understand the social structure of the society, for example, the discrimination, and social exclusion can lead to depression and death, among the targeting individuals. It doesn’t matter if economic capital exists. The social structure of society can be improved by education. It’s important to each society’s developers to be sure to understand the “causes of causes” of disease and death.