Home Environment Is Essential for Developing Healthy Eating Habits

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How can parents or other family members structure home environments in order to help the child develop healthy eating habits?

The pathway of the life course is effected often by many involved factors. Such as the society, the neighborhood, the family, the individual, the area, the cellular levels, the physiological and psychological aspect. As well as ultimately the social exposures. According to Ben-Shlomo, Mishra, and Kuh (2014) life course epidemiologists explain how a father’s social class in childhood may affect the biological functions and the development of the adults. That means we must be careful about our children and understand that bad social exposure can affect negatively the health of our children, especially in puberty.

According to Backett, Wills, Roberts, and Lawton (2010); Albon (2005) controlling the child’s sweet-eating behavior and focusing on a varied diet could develop healthy eating habits. Even Lovell (2016) mentioned that we should focus on early childhood because that time is a sensitive time that may impact food choices later in life. As well as promoting healthy fatty food, providing fruits and vegetables, and limiting unhealthy food. Moreover, vilifies obesity and exalts thinness.

The family should get inspired by a health advisor about health and nutritional information. That is because that can promote healthy eating habits for children and adolescents. A parent should apply the health and nutrition information at home with their children, by using creativity and fun tricks, as well as by promoting resilience and being a role model, because imitation could help. Parents should examine the mealtime structure, the mealtime process, the child-eating response, and mealtime etiquette (Lovell, 2016).

Health, Health Guide, Nutrition topics, Home Environment Is Essential for Developing Healthy Eating Habits

Home Environment


What do you think are the greatest barriers to structuring home environments for healthy eating? 

The barriers that can structure the home environment are social and cultural conditions, especially with lack of control, family conditions affect eating practices and routines, also sociocultural circumstances were individuals in the society get shaped by shared past and present knowledge. Even there is an association between healthier eating practices and higher socioeconomic status Backett et al. (2010).

Motivation is not enough, moving from motivation to action could help much more. Also, parental values could affect the home environment. Parental values stand for the identity that parents are caring about, which usually are impacted by personal thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, the perception they receive from public sources, selective services, and education. Which include all such internet, books, magazine, Tv, and advertisement. As well as when parents, grandparents or friends undermine their rules over the children’s eating habits (Lovell, 2016).

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You doubt to wake up tomorrow? Kill the Doubt with Our Healthy Habits

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The top ten list of healthy habits and eating practices. There are many people who will doubt to wake up tomorrow. How can you kill the doubt? Are you following bad eating habits and practices? Today we came up with a top 10 list of healthy habits and eating practice, that can give you more push and confidence that you will wake up tomorrow. 


Lose weight

First, if you are obese, try to lose weight, get in shape. That can be achieved by eating healthier. Eat more fiber because a high fiber diet may help to lower your cholesterol levels, control blood sugars. You can get fiber through legumes, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. The whole grains are great sources of fiber.

Eat enough vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals (disease-fighting compounds).

That can be done by eating more fruits and vegetables. Grapes are the best example, grapes have many beneficial vitamins and minerals, as well as phytochemicals which are disease-fighting compounds.

Get adequate sleep.

Studies always show that individuals who get too little sleep are more likely to run at risk for weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even heart disease. Adults need at least 7-8 hours a night of sleep. Also, children need from 8-10.


Woman Sleeping or dead

Are you doubt to wake up tomorrow

Do not miss the breakfast

The body needs a specific number of calories a day. 24 hours is very little time to inject the body with all these calories. Divide your calories to more than four meals a day. That may help with weight loss and keeping a healthy stomach. People who skip breakfast usually end up replacing the calories later in the day.

Eat the foods that you love 

The body is very smart, and genes usually control your choices. Build a good connection with your genes. That can be done through understanding the responses of the body to some sorts of food.

Do not overeat 

Do not overeat and don’t completely deprive yourself, try always to find your limit and just stop before the limit. A study conducted on animals found that liking and overeating end up with negative effects, such as losing hair, muscles, and getting old quickly.

Overeating and longevity

Overeating and Longevity


Check yourself always

That can be done through accessing health care centers from time to time, and by buying a big mirror which through it you can get feedback about the physical changes that occur to your body.

Enlist social support

Isolation and marginalization by society are the most dangerous causes of heart disease and diabetes. Studies have shown that people who live alone isolated, die at an early age, due to the oxidization of the body by stress and depression. Do not be haunted by yourself communication is a therapy for longevity.

social isolation

Social Isolation

Move your ass

Get moving, because exercise is the best therapy for longevity. Do not let the winter and the cold weather to hamper your efforts. Book an exercise class. So, you can get some sessions with a training plan.

Assist your nutritional status

Nutritional status is managed by balance food consumption and normal utilization of nutrients. Take contact with a health adviser in order to be sure that you are not making mistakes. Book now a session for assessment of your nutritional status with Alexander Astrakos.


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