Bioweapon Corona Virus. Is It Biological war or hygiene Issue

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Coronavirus has the characteristic to be a bioweapon. The tiny virus has destroyed the strongest largest economy in the universe. In less than one month. Corona Virus is one of the most viruses which can reproduce itself quickly and known by deadly properties. Corona can infect the lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, and eyes. Coronavirus is a deadly bioweapon. A biological weapon consists of two elements, the offensive biological warfare agent in the first place, and then second, a vaccine to protect your people.

What is the best environment for viruses?

The best environment is the places where humidity is high and beside the watery places. Viruses have many different strains. Viruses can infect a variety of mammals, birds, and humans. The virus is sensitive to heat. Ultraviolet rays. At 4 °C infectious viruses persist for up to 28 days. Coronaviruses are more inactive at 20°C compared to four degrees. Viruses were also more rapidly inactive at 40 °C than 20°C. Because of this characteristic, winter and early spring are the epidemic seasons of the virus disease. Viruses always try to find the best environment to live in. Viruses can make mutations and regenerate their characteristic in order to adapt to the environment. 

Corona is it a mutation or a bioweapon?

Today people talk about theories that are claiming that the disaster which happens in china due to the tiny virus, is made by DNA genetic engineer and synthetic biology. As a part of the economic war with China. China has the second-largest economy in the universe. Also, the most powerful military. Asia as a whole will account for 63% of all global GDP growth (PPP). Furthermore, only China comes first by sharing 33% of Global GDP Growth (PPP) in 2019. China comes first, then Japan and after that USA with 11%. The small tiny virus destroyed the economy not only inside China but also in the Chinese small businesses outside of China. Today, nobody eats in Chinese restaurants in Europe. For instance, restaurants in Sweden that belong to Chinese and Thailand have reduced the meal price but nevertheless, nobody enters to eat. The small tiny virus was also responsible for five million people to migrate outside the region.

Health, Health Guide, Physiology Topics, Bioweapon Corona Virus. Is It Biological war or hygiene Issue


The Arab world has been destroyed by playing on two tools which are Sectarianism and social media. China doesn’t allow someone to use social media inside the country. China has no place for Sectarianism inside the country. That’s why destroying such a country needs a different tool. The question is what can destroy such a huge country, which presenting always it’s military power. Developing such a virus in the laboratory is possible and not hard for biologists. Some experts say that the Coronavirus contains “HIV insertions”, stoking fears over artificially created bioweapon. They suggest that it might have been genetically engineered for the purposes of a weapon. Thailand found good results after using a mix of two antiviral drugs which usually used for HIV and flu treatment on a Chinese patient who was in a serious condition with the novel coronavirus, according to a health ministry briefing Bloomberg. But the question is who is behind it and why in this time, especially after the finishing of the Syrian war? Who will get the benefit of the outcome? 

The second theory is the Bats. Bat is a bird that is likely to be the possible source of the outbreak of the zoonotic Coronavirus, that appeared in China. As it has been found that these organisms have an immune system that allows them to coexist with many pathogenic viruses. People in Asia especially in china eat Bats as we show in the video below. Bats are eaten only by Chinese and Japanese and some other Asian countries. Some experts said that this virus moved from animals to humans and moved the first time in a fish shop in Wuhan and Hubei. It may be moved by lack of personal hygiene or some other ways, nobody knows. What we know right now that the true number of infected people by Coronavirus is still unknown. The question is. Is it a real war or Spontaneous Virus Mutation.



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Bad Oral Hygiene is Related to Risk of Atrial Fibrillation & Heart Failure

Health, Health Guide, Physiology topics, Bad Oral Hygiene was Related to The Risk of Developing Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Failure

Oral Hygiene and dental cleaning, Is very important because there is a relationship between oral health and the risk of developing atrial fibrillation and heart failure. In the past, poor oral hygiene was recognized as a cause for periodontal disease, and calculus accumulation around teeth. Now, a recent study from South Korea has been shown that brushing teeth regularly 3 times per day reduces the risk of developing atrial fibrillation, and heart failure.


Atrial fibrillation is usually accompanied by an acceleration of the heartbeat and irregularity, where. The atria contract during fibrillation, irregularly, and asymmetric with the ventricles. Usually, this condition is accompanied by a feeling of strong chest beat, shortness of breath, and general weakness, in the body. That was because of the reduced ability to supply the body with blood,.


Poor oral hygiene was linked with the presence of bacteria in the blood, causing inflammation in the body, and these infections may increase the risk of atrial fibrillation and heart failure. About 161,286 participants from Korea were involved in the study. Participants were between the ages of 40 to 79 years and had no history of atrial fibrillation or heart failure. At the beginning of the study, participants underwent a routine medical examination. Information was collected on height and weight, laboratory tests, diseases, lifestyle, oral health, and oral health behaviors.


The study follow-up period was ten and a half years. The study included 4 thousand and 911 participants who had atrial fibrillation, and 7 thousand and 971 participants who had heart failure. The researchers found that brushing the teeth with toothpaste three or more times daily was associated with a 10% lower risk of atrial fibrillation, and about 12% lower risk for heart failure.


The researchers attributed the reason for this decrease to the fact that brushing teeth frequently reduces bacteria in the biofilms of the gums also, the bacteria that live in the sinus between the teeth and gums, and thus that can prevent their transmission to the bloodstream.


Atrial fibrillation, usually accompanied by an acceleration of the heartbeat, chest pain, and shortness of breath, which leads to a decrease in the ability to supply the body with blood, which is a major risk factor for heart failure, stroke, dementia, and premature death. Patients with heart failure usually lose their ability to pump blood properly. Therefore the body’s organs are not supplied with abundant amounts of blood and oxygen. That may lead to a persistent feeling of exhaustion and fatigue.

Moreover, feeling exhausted, tired, or swelling in the legs, furthermore, symptoms also are including feeling short of breath when walking up the stairs, for example, decreased ability to exert effort, or a general condition of weakness. As a result, adequate oral hygiene plays an important role in the secondary prevention of periodontists. As well as reducing the risk of heart failure and developing atrial fibrillation.


It is important to preserve the existing teeth in order to improve the quality of life. Excellent oral health is deemed essential to prevent infective endocarditis and acquired cardiovascular disease that’s why you should assess the condition of your caries and teeth health.


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