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Corona virus is spreading and global health organizations are warning of the risk of infection. Medical experts have explained the safest place on board. That could help you to avoid the infection with the Coronavirus from an infected traveler. Experts designed a model for passenger movement onboard. To show how viruses could spread. Experts found that people who sitting near corridors were more likely to contact the virus. Through the infected passengers.


 According to the model the safest place to sit on the plane. In order to avoid getting sick, is next to the window, because in this way you have less chance to contact the virus from the passenger who usually walks in the corridor. The ones who sit in the corridor have a bigger chance to get infected. That because he or she will be on contact always with passengers, who walk beside him or her. That’s why the safest method is, that passengers should remain in their seats. This is because the more they moved on the plane, the greater their chances of being near someone with the disease. Thus increasing the chance of infection.

Health, Health Guide, Physiology Topics, Best Prevention Strategy from Corona virus


How I protect myself from corona infection

We believe that the safest way to contain the outbreak or get rid of the virus is to stay at home with an open window. Also, avoid contact with others, especially with infected people. Cook your food to a higher degree and don’t eat raw food such as vegetables and fruits. Don’t use the refrigerator or don’t eat cold food. Wash your dishes well at high temperatures. Don’t mix with others. Don’t travel on buses, or trains and don’t sit in a public area or crawdad room. Wash hands frequently, with alcohol or soap. We also advise that a lack of personal hygiene is a major contributor to infection. Don’t eat at restaurants. Don’t touch your eyes, mouth, or nose before you wash your hands. Don’t be close to others. If you are ill, see a doctor sooner rather than later. Cough on your elbow, not your hands. So you do not spread germs. 


How does it spread 

person to person transmission through sneezing or coughing 

public transport a primary site for the transmission

The incubation period which is between two and 14 days


Health, Health Guide, Physiology Topics,


Moreover, Corona map has expanded to reach Britain and Russia. The spread of the new Coronavirus has expanded, and Britain and Russia have recorded their first infections. While Italy conducted the state of emergency, which are including travel bans, and suspension of flights to China. Also, Japan confirmed the infection of three other people, bringing the total number of cases in Japan to 17 cases.

China still takes strict measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, including quarantining more than 50 million people in Wuhan and Hubei Province. Nevertheless, the number of deaths and infections continued to rise. The World Health Organization, earlier on 05/02/2020. Mentioned that the new Coronavirus, which has spread epidemic in China and appeared in at least 20 other countries. Has no treatment, while China and Thailand claim that have developed a treatment. Moreover, stated that 23,360 confirmed cases of Coronavirus have been registered in only China.

Furthermore, the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology had agreed on January 29 to use stem cell therapy technology for severe diseases caused by a new coronavirus.

Inside a hospital in Wuhan, a patient was deliberately coughing in the face of two nurses, after removing his medical mask, in protest at a drug shortage in the hospital.