Obesity and Overweight is a Social Problem

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Obesity and overweight rate among adolescents, in the last decades, have been increased. World Health Organization (WHO) (2017) stated in a report on ending childhood obesity that 216 million children were overweight. In addition, obesity among children between five to 19 years of age has increased from 11 million in 1975 to 124 million in 2016 worldwide. The report stated also that, overweight and obesity in early childhood. Can affect a child’s health and the quality of life. Furthermore, children with obesity are very likely to remain obese as adults and are at risk of developing serious non-communicable diseases. Moreover, Hohman et al. (2011); Dietz (1998) overweight and obesity increase the risk for social discrimination, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, type two diabetes, and obesity later in adulthood.

Moreover, in a study conducted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by Awofeso, Imam, and Ahmed. (2019) found that the obesogenicity of an environment is very important for adolescents’ choices and eating habits. The obesogenicity defined according to Lake and Townshend (2006) as the sum of influences that could promote obesity in individuals such as the surroundings, opportunities, and conditions of life. Thus, obesity is not only a significant health problem but also, a social problem. Surrounding is the main factor that could affect the opportunities and conditions. That is why shaping the environment has a potential effect on health because that can support healthful decisions. The surrounding must be screened by someway and that’s why parents have the potential to be a key aspect of a successful obesity prevention intervention.

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Prestige and The Secret Ways to Maintain it

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The Secret Ways to Maintain Your Prestige in an Academic Manner


The Dimensions Of Prestige 

Prestige has Two dimensions, In this article will explore the exoteric and esoteric dimensions of prestige, such as how language and knowledge lead to power and the importance of charisma. Also, we will go through the whole process.


What is Prestige?

Prestige is respect, consideration, and admiration, felt for someone based on a perception of their achievements, quality, behavior, appearance, or style patterns. The prestige has two dimensions the exoteric and esoteric dimensions. In our rationalized world, the intellectuals used to be admired by others, because the intellectuals understand the conceptualization by reconceptualizing it.


Need We Competence or Social Sciences To Enhance Our Prestige?

All we have a common intellectual orientation, regardless of whether we are a laborer or professional. The laborer may remark that the professional has a prestige. But by only remarking that. That’s means that labor knows about prestige but can’t perform it due to a lacking of knowledge. If you want to maintain the social prestige in academically, then you should understand what prestige is.


What Are The Dimensions of The Prestige?

Prestige has two dimensions the first one is the Exoteric dimension and the second one is the Esoteric dimension. To understand the difference between exoteric and esoteric knowledge is that the exoteric is technique-as-work and the esoteric is technique-as-science. The interesting point here is that both are technical knowledge, and they should have performed technically.


What Is The Esoteric Dimension Of The Prestige?

The terms of the esoteric dimension of prestige are that a person should have the ability to engage in rational consideration or social events. Engagement in the right time and right place should lead to productivity. It is not so important to be so intelligent to have good prestige, but every action you do should reveal intelligent insight into the inter-relations of events in a given situation. Whereas everything else will be called “substantially irrational”. The degree of relative autonomy that is inscribed into the work process should play a role. Likewise, if you have the art of the persuasion that you learned during your life course next it will be an extra influential trigger.


How Can Power Be Achieved?

Language and knowledge combined lead to power and, enhance prestige. Those lacking in such find themselves in positions of dependency. Ideology varies from nation to nation and every action should be based on an ideological thought. To enhance prestige, you should learn how to learn by evaluating different kinds of knowledge, by engaging in critical and self-reflexive practices, self-monitoring, and learning how to produce new knowledge.


What Is The Exoteric Dimension Of The Prestige?

The term of the exoteric dimension of the prestige is Charisma. 


What Is Charisma and How We Get It? 

Charisma is attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others. Is a divinely conferred power or talent. The word comes from Greek language χάρισμα (khárisma) which means grace freely given. But if we don’t have it in our personality then we should try to work on it.


How Can We Get The Charisma?

We can enhance our Charisma by being effective in our society and being special in the way we look and talk, and we should always take place in the way we sit when we are for example in a meeting. Try to speak a little higher than you used to, so all can hear you when you talk, look at people you talk to when you talk to them. Don’t be shy, dress the appropriate clothes that can be suitable in the place you are in. show that you re the original version of yourself.



Don’t let people know that you imitate others. Don’t pay attention to the silly things. Show others that you care about your time and you don’t offer time for others so easy and free. Do not expose your personal life to everybody. Learn more about group psychology in section Health Guides. If you want to learn more about how to dominate your social group, book tele-Counseling in the booking section. Just to know this Information is unique on the internet, made for you who suffer in the social arena.

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