Blood Types

“Blood group O”  is not impossible to convert your blood type to blood group O anymore

A new reliable technique discovered by US researchers helps to convert any type of blood into the O group using a bacterial enzyme derived from bacteria in the human intestine, the enzyme removes sugary antigens from the blood cells in type A, B and AB and effectively convert these types of blood into type O. To understand that we will explain quickly what means that. There are four basic types of blood groups: AB, A, B and O.


AB, A, B are distinguished by the presence of antigens, which are a structure of sugars that lie on red blood cells. For example, a type A blood has A antigens, a type B blood has B antigens and type AB has both.
Type AB can take A and B because AB red blood cells have both A and B antigens, so their bodies won’t produce antibodies. These people are called universal recipients.


The problem is that a person with type A blood can’t receive type B blood, and vice versa because the body will produce antibodies to attack red blood cells with antigens if that doesn’t match its own antigen.


Type O is the universal donor and is the most valuable because it can be administered to virtually everyone because these red blood cells don’t have antigens. that’s why all the focus on it.


Type A and B existed by the maturation of type O in the past, that expected to be due to the changes that happen to our diet, but the real reason is unclear. This invention may help the researcher to understand the relation between sucker, cancer and blood type.