Tele coach for Fitness, Bodybuilding Arm Wrestling and Football

Tele coach for Fitness, Bodybuilding Arm Wrestling and Football

Why you need tele coach?

Tele coach term now is dominating the fitness industry for example, many of Mr Olympia are be coached by coaches from different countries through online video consultation. Therefore the tele coach is trending. Now after Corona covid 19 era we can just say goodbye to “fitness coach near me” and “bodybuilding coach near me”, and so on. all these terms became from the past. Now in Corona Covid-19 era tele coaching became the best solution for many. That because the potential for tele coaching services is to engage, educate and empower athlete in actively managing their own health is one of the more exciting aspects of tele coaching. While the demand for coaching services globally continues to increase due to an aging population burdened by the misconceptions about health, sponsored health report, lack of exercise due to social media. Chronic illnesses, many are conditions that can be directly linked to modifiable risk factors such as diet, alcohol, and smoking.

By extending the traditional continuum of care, tele coaching services offer a full spectrum of preventive healthcare intervention, behavioural coaching and motivational support designed, to improve outcomes, save costs and increase convenience for athletes and their families. Tele coaching that includes video calls, store and forward image transfer, remote athletes monitoring and virtual care coordination. The purpose of tele coaching is to help and encourage athletes to achieve their goals, perfect life, solving issues. Coaching is meant to help coachee to create clarity on current situation, help to state very specific goals and inspiration to generate ideas on how to go about it in the best possible way. However, the big advantages of telecoaching are obvious: It saves a lot of travel time for the coach and the athletes and it’s relatively easy to schedule. Reduce the drain and strain in your life.

Why tele coaching works?

Regardless all these mentioned benefits the tele coaching works because it focuses you in two areas. First, you’ll be helped to stretch yourself further, take more actions than you would on your own, and devise/implement effective strategies to get what you want. Further, you will be identifying and reducing things that drain and strain you, such as stressful situations, tolerations, difficult relationships, pressured environments, and recurring problems. Therefore, do not just hoist a bigger sail, make sure there are no cracks or barnacles on your hull.

Be open to seeing things differently.

During the consultancy you will be working with your goals and your strategies to reach these goals. You must have the willing to relook at some of your assumptions, expectations, beliefs, reactions, ways of thinking, and approaches to success. Consequently, there are always newly developed concepts, principles, distinctions, and evolutionary steps to learn and consider. That because these different approaches and ways of thinking could be the missing link for your success. In other words, learning how to accomplish more with less effort and with thinking differently you will expand yourself and your world.

Design and strengthen your personal and business environments.

The value of Coaching can be extended if you use part of your Coaching time to design the perfect environment in which to live and work. Not only because we have been told  “tell me who is your friend, then I tell you who is you” Arabic proverb. but also because it works. However, who you spend time with and are inspired by can make the difference between success and failure. As well as where you live and how you live are your key to success. Therefore, invest some time and money in improving your environment so that you feel supported to be your best. Feel free to contact us if you have any question regard  any customized plan on

Our Features

  • Identify your health status
  • Improve total-body strength
  • Learn technique and tactic
  • Learn flexibility
  • Learn coordination
  • Enhance cardiovascular health
  • Build symmetry
  • Build muscularity.
  • Track your nutritional status, such as calories and micro and macros nutrients.
  • Lean what is long- and short-term health enhancement.
  • We guide You with conditioning and organ tests.
  • We Analyse your tests and give You recommendations.
  • We help You with transformation for the competition.

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