Thinking Process and Its Design

Thinking Process and Its Design

The thinking process improves by learning to observe the distinction, and by learning interpretation, understanding analysis, as well as summarizing, organizing, and meaning-making. The thinking process needs the right environment that can stimulate the process and the biological function. For instance, a lack of sleep can impair the thinking process. Sometimes gens makeup dominates the thinking process and sometimes the gens makeup of the microbiomes in the intestinal Flora play a larger role in the thinking process. ΣΩψ 😯

Interpretation requires analysis, and without having a clear understanding of the data and its characteristics, the interpretation fails. Sometimes, the memory’s capacity can limit the process due ti many reasons such as gens makeup or diet pattern. That’s why inspiration could be the nutritional nerve for the thinking process. Network connection leads to inspiration, so stay always connected.

Meta thinking and after reflection is a powerful way for progress. For instance, criticizing and analysing a thinking process is an evaluation tool for improvement. People analyse their thinking diffidently, some use note and some calculate and some decide by themselves and some get help from others. In science, analyses could be done through Qualitative and Quantitative analyses. Qualitative analyses are as important as quantitative analyses. Silver and Lewins 2010 provided an overview of (CAQDAS) tools concerning qualitative activities. 

Thinking begins when we form and evaluate beliefs, select goals, and make decisions. We think when we are in doubt about how to act, what to believe, or what to desire thinking helps us to resolve our doubts. Usually, when we think, we think about options when we make decisions, and when we search for possibilities, evidence, and goals and through that we make inferences from these to increase the probability of good outcomes. However, the question is what can we do to improve our thinking, judgment and decision making. To get rational and intelligent thinking, we should first focus on the right environment, diet pattern, sleep amount and education. 

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