Thinking Processes can be improved by learning to observe the distinction, and by learning interpretation, understanding analysis, as well as summarizing, organizing, and meaning-making. The thinking process needs the right environment that can stimulate the process and the biological function.  

Remember that interpretation requires analysis, and without having clear understandings of the data and its characteristics the interpretation will be failed. Sometimes, the memory’s capacity can limit the process, that’s why inspiration could be the nutritional nerve for the thinking process. Network connection leads to inspiration, so stay always connected.  

Criticizing and analyzing the thinking process is an evaluation tool for improvement. People analyzing their thinking diffidently, some use notes and some calculate and some decide by themselves and some get help from others. in science analyses could be done by Qualitative and Quantitative analyses. Qualitative analyses are as important as quantitative analyses. Silver & Lewins 2010 provide an overview of CAQDAS tools concerning how they support these qualitative activities.

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