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Vegetarian diet or Meat diet – What is The Best Diet?

Can I Eat Only Vegetarian Food Over and Over Without Health Consequences

Vegetarian Diet or Meat Diet – What is The Best Diet? Everybody needs to combine vegetables with some sources of food rich in vitamin D3. Usually, the elderly groups, who suffer most from vitamin D3 deficiency, because, they have difficulty to absorb vitamin D3 from the sun, and because, vegetables lack vitamin D3, and even some sorts of vitamin B, furthermore, during a Vegan diet, the body loses these important vitamins, In most of the cases, the body can suffer, from anemia, and serious health issues.


You must combine vegetables with some eggs or fish, vegans, or vegetarians, who only eat vegetables, can’t maintain hormone balance, and, can’t get the ultimate muscular growth. A vegetarian who drinks milk and eats eggs has no problem as long as, he or she, gets his vitamin D3 and B12, from milk and eggs.


Moreover, those, who don’t eat meat, such as vegan, they should put in an account that they could run in anemia. That because it is hard to get iron from plant sources. The body needs iron, to carry oxygen, into cells, and athletes need much oxygen, during High-Intensity Training. Some people, have no ability to build up hemoglobin in the blood, and some have the ability, so, it depends on genetics. If you still concern the vegan diet, then try this solution. Eat a dish that includes brown lentils with spinach and lemon.


Every person is unique. The food that suits me, may not suit you. Also, what was good for me five years ago, may not be good for me today. The body changes all the time with aging. That’s why the diet has to change from time to time. The diet must be adapted to energy needs. People in the world of Nutrition can be divided into three categories, Active / less active / Inactive. Active, can have a mixed diet, with 75% beans, and vegetables and fruit, including healthy fat, carbs, and protein. As well as 25% of meat, fish or chicken. Less active can have a diet with 60% beans, vegetables, and fruit including healthy fat, carbs, and protein. As well as 40% meat, or fish or chicken, less active compared to not active, can have a diet containing 60% food from fish, or chicken or meat and 40% beans, vegetable, and fruit including, healthy fat, carbs, and protein. see this person followed a diet containing 60% food from meat and fish and rarely chicken. Also, he was eating 40% of beans, vegetables, and fruit. look at what happens!

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In so far as, the inactivity increases, then the meat should be increased, because, food from animals is almost pure protein, and have a high biological value. Nevertheless, some beans sources, have more protein, but the issue here is, that the beans do not have, the biological value, and it is attached, to carbohydrates folded, which can be possible, to carbohydrates to be stored, as glycogen, in the body. For instance, if we compare 100g of beef, with 100g of chickpeas. then we will find that the 100g of meat has only 20g of protein, without any carbohydrates, while, the 100g of chickpeas, has 20g of protein, plus 51g of carbohydrates, and some fat, that means the 100g of chickpeas, has more calories than 100g of meat, that is why, the plant sources will be recommended for people with high activity, while, the meat will be recommended, for people with less activity.


There is no standard Diets for all people, some diet work for some people and some not. We can manipulate our bodies, in different ways to reduce stored body fat, but, the big problem is. That there are some people who claim that they are dietitians, and they help people to reduce body-weight quickly, in a short period, and they are not concerning the damage, that may happen to the organ during this short period. To lose stored body fat it is very easy, but it should happen like a marathon, not like a sprint. Save your life, and contact us to find a suitable diet for you.

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