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Alexander Astrakos : Head manager and writer

Alexander Astrakos

Head manager and writer

Astrakos Alexander is a Sweden-based sport and health scientist work as public health consultant, physical trainer, health coach, speaker and writer in sport and health field. Astrakos has more than 15 years of experience in training and coaching. As public health specialist, my beloved area is Infectious diseases, chronic diseases, maternal/child health. As health coach my beloved area is nutrition, physiology and preventative health. Astrakos studied sport and health sciences at the university of Dalarna, Sweden. The main filed is performance sports coach education programme. Astrakos also studied Master's Programme in Population Health: Societal and Individual Perspectives at Stockholm university.
Robin Kadergran :

Robin Kadergran

Contributor to the bio-mechanical section and technical adviser
Markos :


Contributor to music management
Adon Yassin :

Adon Yassin

Contributor for approving on people's comments

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